Our Smart Swimmers

Introducing a new concept to the DLSA Program

As parents, we all know the importance of water safety and more so the responsibility we have to teach our young children the skills they need to be safe in the water, skills that could indeed one day, save their life.

As a swim school operator, it is my job to ensure we develop and maintain a swimming program that rises to the challenge of teaching your children these very important skills.

I continually revise my program, and research and initiate changes if I feel we can improve on what do in the never-ending development of a well-rounded swimming program that effectively achieves its primary objectives of:

  1. Teaching children how to be safe in the water and,
  2. Teaching children a healthy skill for LIFE!

In recent months, I have been looking closely at how we engage with the children within the DLSA Program, not just in the water but how we connect with them outside the water.

Since having my own children progress through the levels at DLSA (Gracie is now in SD & Emmi is in LTS2), I get the feeling that we could be doing more to excite the minds of our children and develop strategies outside of the class to help continue the water safety message and enable the children to maintain their enthusiasm for their swimming lessons.

So over the last few months I have been working to develop a child based ‘platform’ that will open up different opportunities to communicate the water safety & healthy skill for LIFE message to all the children within our program.

My concept involves creating a couple of mascots to represent the children in the DLSA program. So, without any further ‘to-do’... ... ...


These two characters will serve as mascots, representing children who have finished the program. Over time we will devise ways to enable Dylan & Lizzie to impart some of their knowledge & experience about the skills they had to master to be safe in the water as well as having the ability to use swimming as a healthy skill for LIFE!