Advanced Learn-to-Swim (ALTS)

We've worked hard to build a solid base to be able to swim and maintain an efficient technique for both freestyle and backstroke, now we work on maintaining that skill level while increasing the swimming distance.

As well as this we challenge the swimmers with range of new skills as we introduce butterfly and breaststroke. By the end of our Advanced Learn-to-Swim program each swimmer will be swimming all four strokes to the best of their ability and quite capable of staring our Squad Program to further their swimming fitness and skill level.

Kids on Advanced Learn-to-Swim program

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We now start to increase the distance your child can swim while maintaining efficiency.

We will further develop breaststroke and butterfly while introducing bi-lateral breathing (breathing both sides in freestyle) and an advanced shoulder roll for backstroke.


Now it's time to increase to a more advanced skill level while maintaining stroke efficiency. Stroke development will challenge young swimmers as they learn more difficult swimming skills.


We will finish off/correct any stroke deficiencies in our Pre Mini level as well as increasing the amount of swimming your child can do at a high efficiency level. Upon completion of this level, swimmers will be swimming all four strokes with a high level of skill and efficiency and ready to take on the challenges of Mini Squad.

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