Aqua Fitness

$11/class - 10 pass $90 - 20 pass $170

Working out in water has many different advantages. One of the most important advantages is the reduction of repetitive impact stress on your body.

This means you can get a vigorous workout without causing injury to muscles, tendons and joints.

The DLSA currently has four different Aqua program:

* Aqua Splashout - A fun high energy workout designed to get you puffed and into shape! Take the plunge.

* Deep Water Energiser - Deep Water Aqua Aerobics at DLSA Centenary Heights... Total no-impact exercising. Take the plunge.

* Hydro Relief Hydrotherapy - Hey it happens to all of us regardless of age. Joint inflammation can be debilitating. Hydrotherapy is a proven and recommended therapy. Take the plunge.


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