Fitness Squad Program

  • Available at the DLSA Wilsonton & Centenary Heights Aquatic Centres
  • Squad swimming is a fun, low-impact sport with healthy benefits FOR LIFE

Kids on Advanced Learn-to-Swim program

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Swimming has always been considered a national past time. Not surprisingly Australia as a swimming nation is considered as one of the best in the world.

  • The sport of swimming has enjoyed an increased profile over the last few years and as a result, more and more young swimmers make swimming their number one sport to participate in.
  • And with the increased numbers of Australians developing diabetes and weight-related diseases, swimming is one of the best and healthiest ways for your child to learn a healthy attitude for life!

The DLSA has a range of Squad Programs designed to meet the individual needs of all swimmers who wish to take part in this healthy and fun sport.

A squad program by definition is a group of swimmers swimming within a training environment. While our program is built around encouraging children to further develop their skill through improving their fitness and strength, we always maintain a high level of continuous stroke correction and development throughout all levels of the squad program.

MIDDLE SQUAD PROGRAM - Mini Squad and Junior Squad

The 'Standard' Stream is perfect for those swimmers who enjoy swimming and keeping fit but are not focused on competing.

Swimmers will build fitness and strength while further developing their advanced swimming skills.


Probably the most important aspect of the DLSA Squad Program is the underlying philosophy passed on to each squad member.

Swimmers are encouraged to strive for personal bests and never compare their self worth on their swimming performance or by other peoples’ results and performances.

  • Swimmers are taught how to set and strive for goals - an important part of attaining success and happiness in every part of their life.
  • Swimmers are also encouraged to enjoy training through sharing a team spirit with other squad members and participating in relays and other fun events.

Most of the swimmers within the DLSA Squad Program are members of the Academy Swim Club

Competitive Squads

The Emerging Squad and Senior Squad Programs are ideal for those swimmers who enjoy the challenge and fitness of competitive swimming.

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