The DLSA Programs have been designed and monitored/maintained by Olympian and Commonwealth Games gold and silver medallist Darren Lange. Darren has had more than 30 year’s experience within the sport/industry of swimming from all levels, learn-to-swim to elite.

Since 1994 the DLSA has built a reputation for delivering high quality aquatic instruction to Toowoomba and regional families.

With two indoor facilities, Wilsonton & Centenary Heights, the DLSA has become the Premier Swim School throughout the region offering a while range of water confidence and safety classes, through to learn-to-swim and squad programming.



The DLSA offers two class size options to each school best suit your schools individual needs:

STANDARD:                      30 min Classes                         45 min Classes

Beginners                   Maximum 6 per class               Maximum 8 per class

Intermediate                Maximum 10 per class             Maximum 12 per class

Squad                        Maximum 12   per class            Maximum 16 per class


PREMIUM:                      30 min Classes                         45 min Classes

Beginners                   Maximum 4 per class               Maximum 4 per class

Intermediate                Maximum 6 per class               Maximum 6 per class

Squad                        Maximum 12   per class           Maximum 12 per class

For best results within our Schools Program we recommend 8 to 10, 45 min classes.



We take our Teacher Training program very seriously and continually strive to improve ourselves as a Program, as a Team and as individuals.

ALL DLSA Teachers are fully qualified Austswim Instructors and are subject to regular assessments and workshops by Darren Lange and the Senior Teaching Team to ensure their skills are kept up to date.

All teachers perform a minimum of 30 hours of training through our own DLSA Teacher of Learn-To-Swim Training Program before taking their own classes. This program entails hands on instruction from Darren Lange as well as our Senior Teachers throughout a number of theoretical and practical workshops finalised with theoretical and practical assessments.



The DLSA is a certified Swim Australia Program Provider.



We have 9 separate levels within the schools program ranging from water confidence through to squad swimmers. Children are assessed throughout their 1st lesson and divided into appropriate classes.



The first lesson of a School Program is Assessment Day. If the school group is returning from swimming in our program the previous year, we group the children according to their last lesson assessment as a starting point.

During the first lesson our Pool Deck Supervisor will go to each class and work with the DLSA Teacher to assess all the chilren as to their skills as they see them now.

Some children will be changed straight away and some will be changed to another group the next time they come in after we've had a chance to review the class sizes together with the updated assessment information.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: The group number or colour your child is in does not denote the level. Many children get caught up in the fact that thay may be in group 2 and should be group 3 when the true is those 2 classes could hace the exact same level of skills in each.

Accurately assessing the thougsands of children who partake in our School Program each year is a big undertaking. We work hard to get the initial assessment to at least 95% of where it should be. But we know that we need to continueally assess the children to ensure we have all the children grouped within the class that is best suited to their abilities.



Children can move up levels throughout the program. Our teachers, coaches and pool deck supervisors continually identify swimmers who might better perform in different levels. This enables us to focus on individual improvement rather than just getting big groups of swimmers in for a swim.

All children will be assessed on their last lesson and their certificate will outline their ability level. When rebooking the following year, children will be grouped according to the highest level achieved from the previous year then reassessed to ensure that they are in the appropriate level.



By the end of the last lesson the children will all be assessed one last time. This is the assessment that will be noted on their DLSA School Program certificate.



All teachers follow the same lesson plan for each particular level. These lesson plans were designed and implemented by Darren Lange.

Our lesson plan detail is the corner stone of our program success.



At the DLSA we have a philosophy of working to attain a high standard of aquatic instruction. In doing to we know that practice does not make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect. What this means to us is that we believe that to ultimately benefit the swimmer in the long run, we need to build the important skills over shorter distances initially, before attempting longer distances.

At the start of our School Program, we will keep the swimming distances close for Water Confidence & Learn-to-Swim levels but as we progress through the lessons we will actively extend these distance to challenge the children even further.



While water confidence and learn-to-swim are the main aspects of our program we also introduce ability relevant aspects of the Royal Lifesaving Society’s ‘Swim and Survive’ program.

Advanced swimmers can complete their RLSS Swim and Survive Level Certification.



All swimmers who participate in the schools program will receive their own DLSA School Program Certificate outlining the skills covered in their class.



Both our Wilsonton and Centenary Heights facilities are indoors and fully heated. Wilsonton water temperature is maintained at 30 degrees all year round with Centenary Heights maintaining 28 degrees and up.



Winter swimming at DLSA Wilsonton is a breeze with warm water and heated change rooms.


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