Our Team

With more than 1,900 lessons per week in the DLSA Private Program and 4,000 lessons per week in the DLSA Schools Program it take a sizable and dedicated team of professionals to maintain the DLSA standard of excellence.

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  • DLSA Teaching and Coaching Team join the program with a minimum ‘national standard’ Austswim and /or Green Licence certification
  • All Team members must pass Darren Lange’s personalised training program before conducting their own classes. This course entails 25 hours of practical observation in the water plus more than 6 hours of theoretical workshops and an exam
  • Team members are regularly assessed, graded and interviewed by the DLSA Senior Teaching Team and/or Darren himself.
  • Team DLSA attend regular workshops and training days provided by Darren
  • Senior Staff and Mentoring System ensures all teachers, coaches and administrators can ask questions and get answers they need quickly and efficiently, even if Darren is not available
  • The Senior Team regularly attend teaching/coaching conferences as well as metropolitan swim programs to meet and discuss teaching/coaching issues with other professionals in the industry

Take a quick look at a snippet from this week’s workshop where Darren was focussing on increasing the workload for the kids in our classes using Rapid Fire Repeats & Grouping Movements.