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Introduction to Programs

At the DLSA we have a passion for teaching learn to swim. Our first-class programs are designed and maintained by Olympian and Commonwealth Gold and Silver Medallist Darren Lange to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for life by offering water confidence, learn-to-swim and squad programs.

Getting your children involved in learn to swim lessons and water safety classes is one of the key steps you can take to help make your children safer in and around the water.

Our program is designed for children from 4 months of age all the way up to adults. Students progress through our 19-stage lesson structure at their own pace mastering the skills in a level before advancing to the next.

We believe we have the very best and most comprehensive program to get your child loving the water for a lifetime of fitness and health.


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  • DLSA Teaching and Coaching Team join the program with a minimum ‘national standard’ Austswim and /or Green Licence certification
  • All Team members must pass Darren Lange’s personalised training program before conducting their own classes. This course entails 25 hours of practical observation in the water plus more than 6 hours of theoretical workshops and an exam
  • Team members are regularly assessed, graded and interviewed by the DLSA Senior Teaching Team and/or Darren himself.
  • Team DLSA attend regular workshops and training days provided by Darren
  • Senior Staff and Mentoring System ensures all teachers, coaches and administrators can ask questions and get answers they need quickly and efficiently, even if Darren is not available
  • The Senior Team regularly attend teaching/coaching conferences as well as metropolitan swim programs to meet and discuss teaching/coaching issues with other professionals in the industry